Nu Skin Scam? Get the Truth about the Nu Skin MLM Business Model

Nu Skin

Is Nu Skin a scam? To answer this question it is necessary to objectively look at the various aspects of the Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. business model and home business opportunity.

The question of Nu Skin being a scam is something that is natural to ask prior to committing to investing in it. Also it may be something that is asked by people who are struggling to get results and who are wondering how other people are doing. The end of this article has some information that may help in both cases.

I will start by laying my cards on the table. My opinion is that Nu Skin is not a scam – I will explain why I say this below. I want to also make you aware that I am not affiliated with Nu Skin. I haven’t ever sponsored people into a Nu Skin downline and also I have never been sponsored into someone’s Nu Skin downline. What’s more I have not used any of the Nu Skin products. So how can I judge whether Nu Skin is a scam or not? I have the experience to judge this based on my own experience of setting up a business from scratch and doing hundreds of millions of dollars of business during my involvement. Also I have been involved in the Network Marketing business for over 20 years so I understand the Network Marketing business model. With this knowledge I have a perspective and understanding that the majority of people don’t have due to not having the experience that I have had.

[adsanity_group num_ads=1 num_columns=1 group_ids=63 /]The definition of scam in is ‘A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle’. In assessing whether the Nu Skin business model is a scam it is important to have this definition in mind.

Nu Skin Enterprises is an American direct selling and multilevel marketing company based in Provo, Utah, US that was established in 1984 by Blake Roney. They now operate from 58 countries around the world and have almost 1 million distributors. Nu Skin Enterprises is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and have an annual turnover of in excess of $3.1 billion and market capitalisation of $4.31billion at the end of December 2013. In 2010, Nu Skin was listed in the Forbes “100 Most Trustworthy Companies”. Nu Skin maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also have a Dunn & Bradstreet 5A-1 Rating which is as good as it gets.

Any company that is listed on the NYSE has to satisfy stringent criteria to satisfy the rules of being a listed company. Also in the late 1970s in the US the FTC investigated the home business MLM model and found that it was a legitimate business structure. Furthermore they also have to comply with company law, consumer laws in all the countries that they operate from. Considering the title of this article and whether Nu Skin Enterprises is a scam, I don’t believe that it would be possible to operate a company of this size in all many countries around the globe if it was ‘scamming’ people and it wasn’t a real home business opportunity.

Nu Skin sells personal care products and dietary supplements that are obviously popular with its customers. They develop their market leading products using scientifically advanced ingredient technologies and formulas. You can’t sell $3.1 billion worth of products without having people coming back for more of them otherwise the business wouldn’t be sustainable over many years.

The Nu Skin business opportunity uses the stair step breakaway compensation structure which has been around for some time and it is used by a number of successful MLM companies. The compensation plan is too complicated to explain in detail here by I will cover some of the basics. With Nu Skin distributors can earn up to 30% profit on retail sales. There are also a number of bonuses that are available when you qualify by hitting the qualifying level of sales and sign ups.

Some of the top earners in Nu Skin have made some amazing levels of money. According to Nu Skin’s website ‘25 distributors have earned at least $20 million in Nu Skin commissions’

[adsanity_group num_ads=1 num_columns=1 group_ids=64 /]As with any MLM or Network marketing opportunity it is important to thoroughly read and understand the compensation plan before signing up with them.

All too often these days people will complain on the internet if they have failed to make money with something. What they never tell you, and there is no way of knowing, is if they really did what was needed to make it an opportunity a success. If you look for people who have not had success you will find them, just as if you look for people who have had success you can find them. So it is almost impossible to get a true reflection and a balanced view. More people will fail than will succeed in any opportunity which is a reflection of life where most people don’t become rich. So it is important to base your expectations not on people who have failed, or you will end up like them, but on the people who have succeeded. All you really need to know is that it is possible to succeed and make money then you have to do whatever it takes to succeed. If you don’t find success at first then adjust what you are doing and continue.

How to maximise your earnings with Nu Skin – The Secret of Success.

To maximise ensure and to maximise your success with the Nu Skin opportunity it is recommended that learn the essential skills in the training that is provided by Nu Skin. You will find that this will provide you some of the necessary skill but there are things that it does not tell about, you will get better results doing what you will find here.

Many Network Marketing Companies still concentrate on the ‘old school’ way of recruiting and they ignore some of the latest techniques that can get bigger results faster. To find out more about some of these techniques for free click here. When you click this link you will be taken to another page where you will get access to a free video that will show you how to maximise your Nu Skin results. Here is the link to view the free video.

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